Become a Corporate Partner

Are you looking to help us make a difference to the lives of many people living throughout areas of Africa where they are stricken by poverty and hunger as well as the many necessities that we take for granted?​

When your organisation partners up with Serving Hands UK, we can make a difference. Through fundraising, campaigning and volunteering, we can help to change lives in many possible ways.

The private sector has the ability to make an impact and has the scope to support a transformational change to the lives of those who are facing a life filled with poverty, fear and hunger. This is the exact reason why Serving Hands UK is seeking businesses with which they can build extensive relationships that can help us to make a difference collectively.

Current Partners

Serving Hands UK would like to show our gratitude and appreciation to our partners. It is your input, support and understanding that enables us to make a difference and encourage change as we seek ways of achieving our mission.​

We thrive on building long-term, rewarding partnerships with local partners in Ghana who are in the best position to help implement the changes that people really need.

We collaborate with councils, local health boards and education providers as well as communities, schools and small business who are all on board with our programme. They align themselves with our goals and help us reach them by working with us.

How Can You Get Involved

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