Clean water for everyone

There’s a desperate need for clean drinking water in the poverty-stricken and underdeveloped countries where families and children cannot get clean water to drink.  Serving Hands UK, we believe water is life and we want to give people the gift of life. Clean water is a blessing for life for people living in these areas. Thank you for your help and support as we work to bring clean water to the areas that need it most.

“ THANK YOU … for helping to save lives of families with clean water.”

Hygiene and sanitation

Statistic shows that, more than 400 million Africans now live in water-scarce countries; 300 million people still do not have reasonable access to safe drinking water and nearly 230 million people defecate in the open.  Unclean water and a lack of basic sanitation are undermining efforts to end extreme poverty and disease in the world’s poorest countries.

At Serving Hands UK, we believe safe water alone is not enough to save lives or to stop diseases spreading, which is why we are also focused helping through educating the people of Africa about hygiene and supplying resources to communities in order to help good sanitation practices and to cut diseases

We are committed to working families in the communities, with schools, hospitals so that they understand the importance of good hygiene. Such as washing of hands and ending open defecation