Maternal & Child Health

Bringing a child into the world should be a time that comes with endless amounts of joy, hope and love. Despite this, throughout the world and in Africa in particular, around 287,000 women die during their pregnancy and in childbirth. The statistics are overwhelming as they indicate that a mother dies every two minutes which is the equivalent of 800 per day. Along with this, as many as ten million women and girls suffer from severe, long-term illnesses that occur as a result of complications during pregnancy and childbirth. These needless deaths of women and girls have to be stopped because we can save these lives easily and at a low cost.

At Serving Hands UK, we work closely with local healthcare providers, building healthy relationships with those that serve remote villages and communities. As a result, we deliver an excellent level of healthcare and medical support to help reduce the risk of death and complications. We achieve this through medical interventions, treatments and professional support.


Statistics indicate that girls and women of all ages are 50% more likely to contract HIV and aids than boys and young men.

HIV and Aids have a significant impact on the lives of women but it is also impacting the lives of their children too. As a result, large numbers of children are being orphaned as families are abandoning women who suffer from the virus. Along with this, they are also suffering from a shortage of medication and sanitation.

Through the support of Serving Hands UK, we can help them to access the right support, medication, counselling and resources while we also help to provide their children with the correct care, helping them to live longer, healthier lives.

Maternal & Child Health

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