Mission Feeding

Mission feeding is the difference between life and death in times of drought. 

The Mission Feeding Program from Serving Hands UK provides nutritious food items as well as multivitamin drops to those families that need feeding their malnourished children. This initiative is the most effective way to ensure that the children receive the food and nutrition that they need while also having the ability to bless in body, mind and spirit. Along with this, the condition of the school buildings is also extremely poor with many made of adobe bricks and dirt floors while others are positioned under trees and some inside.


Despite all of this, the conditions do not deter the children from learning because they embrace the opportunity to learn to read and write, while they also receive breakfast, lunch and an afternoon meal before arriving home.

Through feeding those families that have children in many of these underprivileged villages, it can help more children attend school. As a result, the attendance in schools has increased, it has helped to save lives but it also giving hope to those children who want to have a good future and enhanced prospects.

Therefore, our promise to these villages is to be there for them until their food sources stabilise and crops can be grown right through to the point where they become self-sufficient.

Mission Feeding

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